The Church 1989 Mini Review and Update

Been a bit quiet recently mainly due to being a bit busy with work etc but here’s a run through of things going on with my horror collecting of late with a review/walk through of The Church.

Have been hitting London recently visiting Fopp – a brilliant store to pick up horror gems – have been really impressed by their selection and overall knowledge of all things film so will be back in the again at some point. I’ve even decided to stop trawling websites (as much) in order to make the shopping trip out more interesting as nothing really beats being able to get your hands on releases in store in my opinion. I’m sure I’ll break and be back on Amazon soon enough though 😀

So yeah picked up a copy of Michele Soavis “The Church” out recently on the Shameless label – now I always thought this was Demons 3 “The Ogre” but I think that’s something else. I could go and Google it but for the purposes of the blog I’m going to just shoot from the hip.

I really like the first 2 Demons films and was always intrigued about a third installment to the series. The Church seems to bare no resemblance to these though and it is confirmed by the director that this is a stand alone effort instead. Strangely enough the interview on the extras talks about Argento and Soavi working on the 3rd but this never came to fruition for whatever reason. Apparently “Black Demons” is the official 3rd sequel to the Demons series (I also own this) but that also bares no resemblance to Demons at all! Argh! Not sure what happened there. Italian films confuse me.

The story is about a group of evil Knights who murder and bury a ton of people for supposedly being witches. They seal up the mass grave, place a Talisman on the sacred soil and then build a Church on the burial ground (great idea) letting the “evil” lay dormant for hundreds of years. The evil soon returns in present day (unwittingly unleashed by the church Librarian) and visitors to the Church begin to fall prey to the sinister forces that reside within.

I was impressed by the visuals of the film and felt that it dared to do things that were beyond its budget. A particular scene includes the present day heroine discovering the talisman only for it to open out into a deep seemingly endless sea like abyss. A generally haunting and beautiful hallucination sequence which certainly contributed to the overall style of the picture.

At times the film does suffer slightly from its budget constraints and the rubber monsters do leave a little bit to be desired. I enjoyed this though (especially killer carp thing haha!) and appreciated it for daring to go there in the first place. I understand that Soavi left the Argento team for these reasons as he felt that he wasn’t able to get enough out of the productions with the limited budget at hand.

Acting wise it’s your usual affair – I did watch the English dub so its a bit hard to truly comment. A scene with the priest particularly stuck with me as it was gloriously over the top and made for some laughs. The two main characters do give a decent performance both as humans and errr demons so was pleasantly surprised there.


The Shamless DVD includes an exclusive interview with the films director Michele Soavi, an Italian Version with English subs, restored in 2k format and flip cover with original artwork.


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